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What is Chronos?

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    [Info] What is Chronos?

    Three things, really.

    Firstly, Chronos is a company: Chronos Bots, LLC. Our mission is to provide an alternative to microtransactions in the form of AI software. Every line of code we write has an industry expert behind it, ensuring we provide only high-quality, high-performance, high-security software.

    Secondly, Chronos is a piece of software: the Chronos Launcher is a portal to our automation engines. Currently, we have an engine called Mobius. It is a computer-vision based AI agent which uses deep learning, control theory, and hardware virtualization. This engine is completely generic, and it's functionality is exposed through a richly-designed plugin system. This system enables us to support multiple games, and we currently have a plugin for Summoners War.

    Lastly, Chronos is a community. We've deliberately designed our company around this forum. It is how we spread information about new products and updates, receive feedback, and provide support to our customers. But, more than that, it is a chance for our customers to interact with us in an open space (or private, if they wish), without a set format, bureaucracy, or other hindrance. It's also a place for them to speak with eachother about pretty much anything in compliance with our community guidelines.

    for a more tongue-in-cheek look into chronos, check out our manifesto