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    [Rules] Community Guidelines

    We have standards for the discourse on our forums, and we actively enforce them. These standards are outlined below. Our staff will take appropriate action against anybody who breaks them.

    Discussion Rules

    Keep it Civil
    Discussions can sometimes get heated, but it is important to remain civil. Not everyone is going to agree, but disagreements shouldn't result in personal attacks.

    Don't be Hateful
    Racism, sexism, or homophobia will result in immediate action. This is a non-exhaustive list, and any other forms of hate speech fall under this umbrella.

    No Spamming
    Spam and/or promoting products or services is generally forbidden. Any exceptions are made clear, such as the SW Trading forum. In these cases, the products or services must fit the forum.

    No NSFW Content
    This site isn't for sharing NFSW (Not Safe For Work) content. That includes porn, gore, and similar.

    No Illegal Content
    Don't post anything illegal. US laws are specifically important, but this is an international community and you should avoid posting something if it is illegal in a broad sense (meaning, generally illegal but not technically illegal in some countries).

    Posting Guidelines

    No Duplicate Posts
    Don't post the same thing in multiple forums.
    If you're not sure where to post, take a guess. Our staff can move posts if they're in the wrong spot.
    If you've not gotten a reply and want to revive a topic, just BUMP it.

    No Excessive BUMPing
    A BUMP (or "Bring up my post") is a reply to a thread with the goal of bringing it to the top of a forum or marking it as unread. Only bump posts once a day, and not more than twice a week.

    Search Before Posting
    Especially when asking a question or reporting an issue, please search the forum before posting. The main advantage of using a forum is the collective post history, and you might save a lot of time if what you want is there.

    Use Prefixes
    Some forums have predefined prefixes for threads. When present and possible, use these prefixes when posting.