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Mobius for Summoners War

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    [Getting Started] Mobius for Summoners War


    Before installing our software, please ensure you meet these requirements:
    • Your computer must be running Windows 10. More info.
    • You must have BlueStacks 4 installed. More info.
    • You should have Summoners War installed in BlueStacks.
    • You must have a specific Summoners War setup, described here.

    Once these are met, you can get going in a few easy steps:
    • Register for our forums.
    • Download and install our software.
    • Login to the software using your forum credentials.
    From there, you're all set to use SW Lite, our free script for Summoners War.


    Once you're logged into the Chronos software, you can press Launch beside the script you want to launch. This process may take a while. Once it's complete, you should see a Mobius window with the game on the left and some settings on the right. Manually bring the game to the location you wish to farm, such that the team selection screen is visible, then toggle Enable Bot. You're done!

    If the bot is working, it will replay once your run is complete.

    Purchasing SW Pro

    Our paid version, SW Pro, has significantly more features than SW Lite. If you're ready to upgrade, here's how:
    • Make sure SW Lite is working before buying. This will prevent you from running into any issues after you've paid.
    • Head over to your subscription settings and purchase Mobius - SW Pro.
    • Refresh the list in the Chronos software*.
    * You can either restart the software (right-click on the tray icon and select Exit to close) or logout (can find on the left-hand menu) and login again.

    Appendix: Windows Versions
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    Windows 10
    All of our software is written, compiled, and validated on Windows 10. It is fully supported.

    Windows 8 / 8.1
    We haven't done any Windows 8.1 specific testing, but everything should work fine. This text will be updated as we get feedback from the community.

    Windows 7
    The End of Life for Windows 7 is January 2020. That is soon, and after that Microsoft will no longer support the system. This means no security updates, for instance. Given this, we cannot reasonably go out of our way to support Windows 7. We know it works fine for most installations, but not all. So far the expectation is "it'll work fine if it works at all". Don't expect Windows 7-specific support, though it is alright to expect support for non-Windows 7-specific issues even if you use Windows 7. But, seriously consider upgrading your system.

    Other Versions
    You're kidding, right?


      Appendix: BlueStacks Versions
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      Our codebase supports BlueStacks 3 and BlueStacks 4, but only the latter is enabled. This is primarily because multiple high-risk unpatched vulnerabilities exist in BlueStacks 3. They appear to be patched in BlueStacks 4. These are dangerous, and can be exploited as long as BlueStacks is running in the background. If you're on BlueStacks 3, get off now.

      To reiterate: The code to support BlueStacks 3 is already there, but we cannot ethically enable it.


        Appendix: Summoners War Setup

        Our bot is based on image recognition and machine learning. This technology is very powerful, but certain features are sensitive to acute changes in game rendering. In layman's terms: small differences in images can create incompatibilities or inconsistencies in expected behavior. In a majority of cases, this means the bot won't work properly. In some less likely cases, it might for instance misidentify a rune and forget to sell it.

        As long as you follow the provided setup, you should have no problems. If you do, report them here as a free user, or here if you're a paying customer

        In an ideal world, our code would set these up for you. We can't do it through the configuration files, though, because Com2Us could plant things or change formats to detect our bot. We can do it through the script itself, using the computer vision engine to click through the settings menu, but a mode like that would really clutter our UI and code. We will do it in the future, though.

        The user interface should be in English. No other languages will be supported.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	language.png Views:	1 Size:	183.6 KB ID:	62

        Quality & Navigation Bar
        Rendering quality must not be set to reduced, and navigation bar must always remain hidden.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	quality.png Views:	1 Size:	213.5 KB ID:	63

        Default Fonts
        Our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Neural Networks are trained on default fonts. Changing a font could confuse it, causing certain features not to work properly. For this reason, it's important to make sure your system has the correct font. If your text looks like the text in the above screenshots, you are completely fine. If it doesn't you'll need to go into your system settings and change the font.